The world of startups is always intriguing as it is the place where the real innovation is created. Since the first startup RiskMap, back in the year 2000 in Milan together with Dario Cintioli and the other QuantLib founders, I have been  involved in the startup galaxy as a founder, angel investor, adviser,  and consultant.

the Poseidon Foundation

Many blockchain projects claim that they will disrupt the world in one way or another: I am not so sure about that. However there is a project that has risen above the others: the Poseidon-foundation platform.

Poseidon is a non-profit foundation which empowers consumers to rebalance their carbon impact when they buy everyday items.

Poseidon will make it easier than ever for consumers to measure their progress towards carbon sustainability thanks to the availability of transparent data. Poseidon can aggregate that data and present it in many ways, including grouping by geography, age and gender, among other demographics.

Some remarkable features of the project:

  • Environmentally friendly blockchain on the Stellar network that uses less energy consumption than a VISA transaction,
  • Ability to facilitate micro-transactions on its platform, allowing grams of carbon to be attached to products and ‘retired’, a term used to describe carbon credits that are taken out of circulation,
  • Full integration with retailers point of sale (POS) through proprietary software, making it easy to address your carbon footprint.

I think that the Poseidon team has done an outstanding job in creating such an innovating platform and I am happy to be part of this team.

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