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Marco Marchioro
Marco Marchioro

I am a quantitative analyst. I created this website to share what I have learned in my quant career. Most people view quantitative finance as a complex subject. Just like physics, I believe that quantitative finance can be explained using simple concepts and without complicated equations. I also learned that teaching financial mathematics to young adults also increases my knowledge of the subject.

Ten years after the publication of the seminal paper of Satoshi Nakamoto, the world is starting to realize the importance of bitcoin and the other crypto currencies. While I think that we cannot solve all problems with the blockchain, I believe that there is a number of applications that deserve the use of this technology. For example a great implementation is made by the Poseidon foundation, which uses the stellar network to help us to make a cleaner planet.
It is my belief that many people and businesses would benefit from a better knowledge of the blockchain technology and its application. In my teachings I make a point to describe at least one relevant crypto-currency applications.

In 2013 I founded Quant Island: a quantitative consulting firm aimed to provide quantitative-finance expertise to companies. The firm focuses on data-science in financial technology (fintech) and in blockchain projects and their connection with the traditional financial world. The firm covers also more traditional areas such as developing new models for pricing functions, risk analytics, and performance measurement tools. On behalf of Quant Island I provide in-classroom and web training on advanced topics in quantitative analytics as well as blockchain technology.